Property Committee


Has responsibility for:

• Provide general oversight of property matters within the Presbytery
• Provide advice to congregations on property matters, including purchase, sale, granting or the taking of a lease, or the erection, demolition, enlargement or refurbishing of a church or other building requiring an expenditure in excess of $20,000
• Assess all Property Applications (eg Forms 1, 2A & 2B and 3 series, etc) submitted by congregations and determine completeness and relevance to the Presbytery strategies as they are understood. When satisfied, refer such applications to the appropriate Synod bodies (Property Board &/or BOMAR) with appropriate comments.
• Advise congregations on the progress and outcome of their applications and assist them if more work is required to get the application approved.
• Undertake manse inspections prior to a change of placement, and, when required, recommend on behalf of Presbytery those actions necessary to maintain the standard of manses in accordance with the Synod guidelines.
• Provide for the Presbytery’s Pastoral Relations Committee a report of a manse inspection and comment upon the maintenance program of a congregation’s ability to provide a Manse of suitable standard prior to the approval of the PRC for a placement.
• Liaise as required with the BOMAR representatives to ensure that there is a co-ordinated approach to applications for grants by congregations, agencies and other bodies.

For a full understanding of their delegated authority as a committee of the Presbytery, please consult the current document of delegations