Mission & Education Task Group


Has responsibility for:

(a)    Ministry Formation

Receive applications of candidates for a “Period of Discernment” process
To oversight the candidates during this period
Receive applications to become a Candidate for ordained ministry
Selection process, pastoral care and oversight of candidates for ordained ministries
Receive and respond to recommendations from CTM concerning a Candidate’s progress

(b)   Mission

Consultation/Mission Study in relation to a ministry vacancy
Consultations on life & witness
Consultations concerning requests for extension of ministry placements past 10 years
Approval of applications and accreditation of Lay Preachers within the Presbytery
Recommend to Presbytery regarding the placement of Pastors, Youth Workers & other ministry agents

(c)    Ministers Continuing Education

For a full understanding of their delegated authority as a committee of the Presbytery, please consult the current document of delegations