Community Services Task Group



Does your congregation run a community Christmas Dinner?

Several of our UCA agencies would like to be able to refer clients to community Christmas Dinners. These are a valuable way of breaking down social isolation and providing space for your congregation to exercise care in the community.

If your congregation is planning to run a Community Christmas Dinner this year, please complete the form by clicking HERE

We’ll pass the info on to our agencies and if they would like to send someone along, they’ll be in touch with you.

Merry Christmas!


Has responsibility for:

• Being the means to linking active connection between the Presbytery and Uniting Church Community Service activities or projects conducted by UCA Agencies, Congregations and Parish Missions
• To be in partnership with UnitingCare Victoria and Tasmania in their work and consultation with the Agencies that operate within the Presbytery
• To promote the integration of the work of the Agencies and their Programs within the life of Presbytery and its congregations
• To provide encouragement, support and pastoral care for the staff, residents, volunteers of these Agencies
• To promote the placement of ministry agents in UCA Agencies;
• To nominate appropriate Members of Presbytery for the Boards of Governance of Agencies as requested
• Evaluate Share Grant Applications as requested by the Share Appeal Office.

For a full understanding of their delegated authority as a committee of the Presbytery, please consult the current document of delegations