Mission Development Committee

mission11The Mission Development Committee is a new committee being formed in the Port Phillip East Presbytery. It will help and encourage people to be imaginative when thinking of the missional work of their congregation, school or agency and develop leaders who will work out strategies to carry out these missional ideas.


Working closely with the Presbytery Minister (Mission and Education) the committee will work with people throughout the presbytery to foster a culture of missional thinking, enable new missional opportunities to be carried out and achieve maximum potential and help congregations, agencies and schools to develop ways of discerning and sharing in God’s mission.  

What does it mean to be missional? To sum it up into a few key words and brief phrases the PM Mission & Education devised this litmus test: Please use it if you can:

  • Sent: The focus is on those who are not currently part of any church. (The root meaning of the word mission is ‘sent’.)
  • Relationship: At least some congregational members need to be personally involved. They are ‘missionaries’.
  • Discipleship: Someone needs to be growing in their faith. Either the missionaries, those partnering with them, or those being served.
  • Inspired: Arises from the spiritual practices of the missionary community.
  • Faithful: Reflects God’s reconciling, peace-making, justice-seeking action in the world, as best seen in Jesus Christ.
  • Ecclesial: Is in harmony with what’s happening in the broader Church context.