Our Logo

The logic behind our logo

The decision to bring in a new webmaster for the presbytery website was part of a succession strategy by the former website and PPEP logo designer. This strategy was included in an updated approach to communications being conceived by the new Communications Task Group and other relevant committees.


Old Logo

During some of these discussions, it was felt that the previous PPEP logo had started to look ‘dated’ and that the website and communications’ output, including the logo, needed to project a fresher, modern ‘look and feel.’ This decision was ratified by the original web designer.

Some of the themes of the original logo – water symbolising the bay, a boat with a cross for a mast – were used in the new image, along with the original colour scheme.


New Logo

In the updated version the boat incorporates fishermen to represent the UCA concepts of risk-taking and discipleship – being fisher’s of people on a choppy sea – and the dove of peace; an early Christian symbol and more recently adopted as a secular symbol for peace.

The rays of light behind the ‘retro’ boat act as a backdrop of sunshine representing Port Phillip Bay and also project Jesus as ‘the light of the world.’

The boat moving forward, along with the dove, indicates a pro-active and forward-thinking missional and peaceful approach from ourPresbytery. The circle echoes the UCA logo and brings it up to date.